The Wednesday Minute

The Wednesday Minute is a series five minute audio personal growth lessons accompanied by a downloadable worksheet that is emailed to MFA WEDNESDAY MINUTE members on a fortnightly basis. The library also includes a number of e-books for personal growth.

What you get:
In addition to the above you gain access to in excess of 70 previous lessons via the Wednesday Minute Library.

Moving Forward Australia Membership Pack also includes:

  • Bi-weekly audio podcasts
  • Coaching session worksheets
  • Free member e-books
  • Free three CD library pack
  • Discounts & Bonuses ongoing

Expected results:
With the ongoing lessons of the MFA Wednesday Minute every fortnight and the inclusion of occasional podcasts/webinars and conference calls members are guaranteed continual personal growth through the tools delivered.

$9.90 pcm (direct debit or 12month payment in advance)

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