Supayouth is a program designed for both teenagers and parents to get on the same page. Over three days the teenager gets the opportunity to deal with any emotional issues that may be bothering him/her. This is carried out with the utmost of confidentiality and once completed leaves the teenager free of inhibitions that may have plagued him/her for some time. As the program progresses the parent is introduced to many techniques to help understand the teenager more easily and assist with issues that may arise for them after the program.

What they get:
Applicants attending the above workshop address all of their emotional baggage. They participate in a small group that includes one guardian per participant while being facilitated by experienced therapists using proven psychological, sociological, metaphysical and primal therapeutic techniques to reach their bottom lines and be free of all emotional pain and negative emotions.

Expected results:
Similar to the adult version “Diluting the Icebergs”, this program also addresses issues such as Bullying; Expulsion of daily anxieties; Total comprehension of negative behavioural traits; Massive increase in sense of self worth and self-esteem; Depletion of depressive thoughts and behaviours; Release of suppressed angers and resentments for balance;

Participants and their guardians leave the workshop with total clarity of where their neuroses were instigated and as a consequence of their decision making process of these events their self worth and opinions of self on the negative have impacted on their lives. They deal wth their pains and emotions in a literal manner while taking away the educational tools to remain stable afterwards. Both the participant and the guardian leave understanding new communication techniques and an openness in the newly formed relationship second to none. Aftercare services are also supplied if required.

$2000.00 per participant (incl. of guardian/parent)

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