As a nationally recognised speaker, David will entertain, inspire or confront any audience. Alternatively, and often, he has them “rolling in the aisles”! He is entertaining, inspiring and (if you ask him nicely) downright hilarious!

Speach topics:

  • Mind, body, soul integration
  • Enneagram in the workplace, the home, well everywhere really!
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Sales and Finance
  • Goal Setting
  • Innovation and Leadership

Room and presentation specs:

  • PC/Windows operating system
  • LCD Projector
  • Screen
  • PA and head set microphone for audiences over 50
  • Whiteboard and/or paper and easel

Travel specs:

  • First class travel
  • Five star accommodation, (non smoking)


  • AU$140.00 per hour (incl. travelling time)
  • Large bookings POA

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