Personality +

Off-line Workshop:

Personality Plus is a six- hour workshop based around the ancient typology system into human behavior of the Enneagram. The workshop can be delivered over two evenings or one full day.

What you get:
With your attendance in the workshop you gain a total understanding of the Enneagram and how it works. You also identify with your type and how to begin the roadmap to integration.

Expected results:

The workshop aims to assist participants understanding the behavioral and emotional reactions of not only self but also others in their lives.

On completion of the workshop participants have a new insight to human behavior with accuracy second to none. This insight allows for a rising in consciousness while assisting a more heightened EQ.

$245.00 per person


Online Workshop:

This new and innovative approach to the Enneagram Personality Plus workshop allows for anyone to attend anywhere in the world. Simply enrol and attend the 12 weekly lessons of the video, audio and PDF download workshop that also enables participants to brand and facilitate the program as their own.

Walk through the 12 week program and learn to facilitate to your friends and colleagues. Included in this is offer is many weekly FREE bonuses including your very own FREE website. YES! Your own FREE website. Hit the link to become a part of this mind blowing offer.

Remember, 12 weeks to facilitation and you can charge for your services.


$97.00 per month for three consecutive months (total: $291.00 which includes the bonuses)

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