Moving Forward Australia


A three day intensive program designed to be the absolute epitome in personal development today. Guaranteed to gain the desired results for all participants while allowing for continuity in individualistic growth.

What they get:
Participants in the above workshop are guided through proven and successful techniques enabling them to address all of their emotional baggage.  They participate in a small group while being facilitated by experienced therapists using proven psychological, sociological, metaphysical and primal therapeutic techniques to reach their bottom lines and be free of all emotional pain and negative emotions.

Expected results:
Expulsion of daily anxieties; Total comprehension of negative behavioural traits; Massive increase in sense of self worth and self-esteem; Depletion of depressive thoughts and behaviours; Conflict resolution in all aspects of relationship disruptions; Release of suppressed angers and resentments for balance; Gaining in positive project lifestyle; Tools for after care expectations; Total understanding of self and important people in your life; Total sense of ease in the daily activities of life

Participants leave the workshop with total clarity of where their neuroses were instigated and as a consequence of their decision making process of these events, how their self worth and opinions of self, on the negative, have impacted on their lives. They deal with their pains and emotions in a literal manner while taking away superior educational and emotional tools to remain stable afterwards. Aftercare services are also supplied if required.

$2090.00 per participant


A Day to Remember is in actual fact a two day program that delivers techniques for the setting of mission, vision and value statements while educating the participants on proven and accurate communication skills for the workplace.

What you get:
Over the two days the participants are introduced to proven psychological communication techniques as well as learning to set their personal mission, vision and value statements. In addition the program includes a nine week team implementation exercise to assist in organizational wholeness.

Expected results:

  • Behavioural Awareness
  • Determination
  • Self Awareness
  • Co-operation
  • Collective Direction
  • Team Consciousness
  • Balanced Lifestyle
  • Conceptual Thinking

Increased productivity, harmony for the working environment, as well as future direction and commitment from the participants.

$ 880.00 per participant (minimum of 10 participants)

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