As the principal of Moving Forward Australia, a fully accredited school of the International Enneagram Association, David Sherry offers his coaching program that will give you the opportunity to build knowledge, maintain creativity, regain focus and rekindle energy and enthusiasm in the seven areas of your life. Mind, Body, Awareness, Community, Family, Career and Financial.

Coaching provides the wisdom, expertise and support for you to discover, design and live your best life possible. David works closely, always collaborating with you to clarify your challenges. He shows you how to leverage your gifts, enable your unique ability, and empower you to make powerful choices.

If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, in any area of your life, coaching may be for you!

Where Are You Now?
Understand the direction of your personal life, business or career with these two most prominent Universal Laws:

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe moves, vibrates and travels in wave formation patterns. The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires and most of all intentions. Everything including sound and even thought has its own vibrational frequency set point, unique unto itself.

The Law of Attraction states that this law (a subsidiary law to the Law of Vibration) demonstrates how through THOUGHT, we create the things, events, emotional set points and people that come into our lives. Our emotions, words and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract matched energies and circumstances to you.

Having said this, you and your life, business, career etc, are exactly where they are supposed to be right this moment! That doesn’t mean you can’t change direction and desire more from your life in the future. It just means you need new tools. This is where this unique One on One experience with David will give you the opportunity to focus on both the personal and business/career areas of your life that are just waiting to explode to the next level.

The Intention
The intention of having a coach is to enable you to build awareness and design your own success formula in order to create a new learned independence that can be duplicated throughout your future without depending on a coach.

What is Coaching?
Put simply, if someone with experience and expertise helps guide your development, they’re coaching you. It’s considered one of the best ways for us to learn and grow. Almost everyone has been coached or mentored at some time – even if only on a casual basis, where a friend or acquaintance offered us some insights or assistance. Coaching is all about taking you from where you are now to where you want to be through understanding and breaking through self-doubt, fears and procrastination.

Who Needs Coaching?
Anyone who is committed to improving the results in his or her life, and who values making a difference, will require a coach at some stage of the game!

The Format
Individual Coaching is a series of 30-60 minute weekly person to person, telephone and/or skype sessions. Your coaching will be structured around your individual needs at this moment. Using assessment tools, David will guide you through a process designed to uncover your true passions and begin to map out your personalised plan for fulfillment. Coaching can be the catalyst you need to make breakthrough changes in all areas of your life.

Once we have received payment for your first coaching session, you will automatically be sent a link to download a highly detailed profile. This list of questions cuts to the chase while giving David all the information he needs to begin your first session and enable him to outline your personalised format.

  • Typically these questions relate to:
  • Your personality (you may want to try his unique personality test at : to understand his in-depth knowledge of the human psyche).
  • Where you are now?
  • What you want to achieve from your time with David?
  • Your experience, achievements and knowledge?
  • What you think may be holding you back?
  • How committed you are?

This profile saves you valuable coaching time and money as you will hit the ground running and begin making the changes you know you need to enjoy a greater sense of achievement.

What next?
1. Buy the Training Package.
2. Download your coaching profile. (This link will be emailed to you seconds after purchase).
3. Email your profile to David.
4. David will contact you personally within 48 hours of receiving your profile to arrange your first of the series of 10 Coaching sessions.

The Coaching
Once enrolled you will have 10 weekly individual sessions aimed to guide you on the right track for you to achieve your set goals. You will be assisted in all facets of your career guidance and personal ambitions.

Small group training is also available via weekly webinars and all sessions are designed individually to meet the clients’ specific briefs. POA.

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