Are you caught up in a rut?

HemingwayAs we are well into the New Year it still amazes me how many people will still tolerate the old that they themselves have disdain for. In order for change to occur there must be action. Non action creates stagnation which in turn can cause one to fall into a rut. And as the old adage states, ” the difference between a rut and a grave is simply it’s depth.” In order to avoid such ruts first identify what you would really like to change in your life. Secondly be aware that it is possible to make that change. For example; many wish they could do this and that but current circumstances won’t allow the change at this point in time. This then requires flexibility and NOT defeat. Be determined to grasp the challenge and make the plan to bring it to fruition . Work the plan while allowing for some flexibility and finally kill self sabotaging behaviours and allow the plan to work for you. Put action in early for rewards earlier. Have a brilliant 2015 as a consequence.

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