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April 13th, 2017

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Bigger Better 2017

December 23rd, 2016

With the closing of 2016 upon us, it’s now time to call for persons interested in furthering their skills to become an Internationally Accredited teacher/coach/counsellor of the Enneagram of personality. Moving Forward Australia is currently accepting applications for both in person and distant learning (overseas) applicants to train within its accredited curriculum. For further enquiries:

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September 7th, 2016


1. Ask yourself, “Am I happy doing what I’m doing”?

• If yes keep moving forward and learn how to expand on it with us
• If no, you definitely need to talk to us

We live in a crazy, chaotic and hectic world. Sometimes we put aside our dreams in order to survive, and we loose focus on what ignites our passions, and fulfils us.

2. Is your life working for you 100% the way you want it to?

• If yes, once again keep moving forward and learn how to expand on it with us
• If no; FIX it or CHANGE it but do everything within your power to fix it first. That means talk to us

Here at YTG we “CLOSE THE GAP” by addressing all aspects of the human psyche. You will be address the Cause behind the Effect in all avenues regarding your BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT.

3. Would you like to know what is really blocking you from gaining what you really want?

• If yes keep moving forward and learn how to discover and loose it with us
• If no; you definitely need to talk to us

The Subconscious Mind is extremely powerful: Understand and discover how your subconscious has developed and created the blocking emotions that have prevented you from gaining what you want. Remove these blockages in order to have the clarity and direction to become unstoppable in your desires.

This five day intensive program, being conducted on the Gold Coast, has in excess of 25 years of proven success. Internationally accredited sees The Main Event as the epitome in personal/professional development programs available today.
Forget the rah rah hype of motivation and learn the tools that cut to the chase and rid you of your anxieties, fears and blockages that hold you back in all areas of your life.

What to expect from 5 days on the Gold Coast with us:

• Deal once and for all with the triggers of self-sabotaging habits
• Get to the cause and not just the effect
• Confront and liberate yourself from negative thought processes
• Understand important people in your life
• Learn how to tap your own individual greatness
• Come away with clear direction and tools to implement it
• Create successful relationships
• Understand how to achieve goals and not just write them down

(Maximum 8 participants)

For more information do not hesitate to contact us asap as early BOOKINGS are essential as placings are very limited due to the intensity of the 5 days.
This program really lives up to its name;


Contact: Isi: 0412 943 321

(price includes accommodation, morning and afternoon teas, lunches, product and a comprehensive takeaway workbook.)

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EQ/EI by a great friend and co-facilitator

August 22nd, 2016

This really is a great read. Thanks heaps Suzie… Newsletter-august-2016 (1)

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So here’s a FREEBIE…

August 19th, 2016

Here’s a FREEBIE for all of you loyal peeps. An Ebook on Loving Life.Hope you enjoy and feel free to share… Loving Life FB

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Why facilitation with MFA?

May 15th, 2016

facilitatePeople often ask; “Why should I study facilitation with Moving Forward Australia?” The answer initially is always selfish as it enables the individual to grow at a rapid pace within their self. By attending workshops, being trained in presentations all while studying and being assisted in presenting set assignments for international accreditation enables a massive shift in personal growth.

The additive bonus to this growth is that it opens an avenue for personal income while creating a co-creative business based on the MFA model itself. On completion of set assignments, co-facilitators are accredited on an Internationally accepted basis as a teacher as well as a life coach and mentor.

At this level the co-facilitator also receives a FREE website to manage personally in order to assist with it’s new found business. Following are examples of sites already up and running with great success. They are all link to social media in order to assist with both one on one and distant learning consultations. Passive income does become fluid within a short period. For further info contact me direct: .

These are a few samples that show the future for co-facilitation. Contact me NOW to learn more.


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Enhancing Relationships Workshop

May 12th, 2016

RelationshipsThis new two day workshop allows couples to re-ignite the passion and intimacy into their relationship. It allows for the individuals in the relationship to rebuild trust and open up avenues for real gut level communication in a safe environment.

Strictly limited seating allows for each couple to have time to complete all the exercises enabling a closeness to eventuate. Conducted over two days, the workshop has been designed to have participants work at their own pace while not loosing any of the content due to being rushed as with other programs in the marketplace.

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Is your commitment for real?

March 20th, 2016


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How does the Enneagram work?

January 23rd, 2016

Because the Enneagram is non-static does that make an excuse for it, as a living entity, to have its true value compromised by some teachers and so called experts? Most typology systems/models have a tendency to pigeonhole people into definitive types or styles. This may well be the reason why phenomenological psychology is so popular and as a consequence other typologies such as daily or weekly horoscopes are so popular as well as enabling instant answers and even some form of gratification.
As with many interests to the masses it is well documented that misinformation can be easily transmitted to be believable. In discussion today with one of our co-facilitators who is commencing the second assignment for accreditation, I was asked; why are the arrows and lines not as important anymore?
My answer was somewhat in-depth and from several aspects of my interpretation of the Enneagram. Firstly I explained that at the base level it may well assist neophytes with the introduction to such an intensely complex model of patterns, that may even scare the new comer, and that the basic typing and roadmap via formulas could make it an inviting thing to learn more about.
It was important however that I pointed out that my understanding of the model is that we all own our own individual Enneagram at certain levels and we can entangle with others at other levels depending on our interpretation of our own individual worlds. For example, my interpretation of my own world is totally different to what it was in the early 1990’s when I first discovered Don Riso’s writings and when I ran with the formula theory at great pace. The fact that I now understand the Enneagram to be individualistic yet collective and allows for the individual to connect to any so called style within itself at various levels.
Consider the fact that one may well be at say, level four of nine. At that particular level (4) you may be able to stress at a certain point or even grow at the very same point. In other words your twoness within your psyche may flourish or even deteriorate depending on your individual conscious level that can be assisted by your own level of Emotional Intelligence. As with your twoness so could your fiveness, eightness or any of the nine points while keeping in mind that I maintain that under stress we revert back to the connotations of our thrust point, albeit it at different levels and with the knowingness that we can’t go back whence we came.
So in conclusion you are definitely not a number, type or style but merely an Enneagram that may favour a certain point under stress while being at different levels throughout life.
Highly recommended reading:

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FREE Wellbeing Evening for Melbourne

April 29th, 2015

In conjunction with Moving Forward Australia I will be conducting a FREE wellbeing evening. The evening is based on learning about emotional intelligence while connecting with different personality types. This really is an evening not to be missed as it has been running successfully in Perth every month for the past 2 years. People are loving the learning and personal growth. AND IT’S FREE!!!

Where:         Bell Motor Inn 2 Patterson St (cnr Bell St) Preston

Dates:          Wednesday 13th May

Dress:          Casual

Times:         7.00pm – 10.30pm

Fee: Cost:   FREE. You must book

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