Since the conception of Moving Forward Australia in mid 2006, it now boasts an impressive number of 150 local and national co-facilitators.

David formed MFA as a co-creative entity where there is to be a culture of a shared reality for all. These extraordinary co-facilitators bring with them an abundance of not only energy but also enthusiasm and previous knowledge. Their input to the whole entity ensures that MFA will continue to grow from strength to strength.

There is no set hierarchy only co-creation. This shines through in the programs with the co-facilitators sharing their hearts while assisting those in need of emotionally guidance. There are some magical moments in each and every workshop and this is testament by the end result for the participants. Moving Forward Australia is without doubt a TEAM and would probably be one of the most outstanding models of a team globally today. This is all made possible by its co-facilitators Australia wide.

Moving Forward Training Institute and Accreditation

The co-facilitators study and submit set assignments and are, obviously, at different stages on their individual studies. On accreditation they become internationally recognised with both accreditation through Moving Forward Australia and the International Enneagram Association. Here the more advanced co-facilitators guide the newer ones through both the processes of the workshops as well as their studies. These great people assist in the workshops enabling the new participants to gain trust in not only the process but also the perceived outcome.

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