With a total intent on co-creation David and MFA are determined that their teachings eventually become available to others via various mediums. Current partners include: Gaynor Barry, Canon Foods, and Gourmet Chevups along with some 50 + national and international co-facilitators.

Gaynor Barry, (A MFA Training Institute Graduate), has developed a joint venture with MFA’s David Sherry to develop the latest addition to the MFA workshop line up, Supayouth! This Supayouth program and working with the challenges today’s teens are faced with is without doubt Ms Barry’s passion. Having put her two teenage children through the various MFA programs she and her husband, Gary, connected with their passion to help further and with David developed the hugely successful Supayouth program.

GGF and Community:
Canon Foods and Gourmet Chevups assist David with the community ethos by sponsoring the Global Good Foundation’s MFA scholarship assisting people affected by domestic violence.

The scholarship allows a participant each month to attend, free of charge, the three day intensive program and following be trained in the delivery process of the Personality Plus program. The value for each participant is $3695.00 and on completion the participant is licensed to start their own business under the MFA auspice to teach the program commercially.

The current benefactor is the Global Good Foundation based in Western Australia and David was very instrumental in this organisations rapid growth to assist people who have been affected by domestic violence.

David has two businesses assisting the scholarship financially donating a total of $660.00 per participant. Applicants apply via the application form at

Moving Forward Australia Training Institute:
The co-facilitation model of MFA enables participants to go on and become qualified facilitators of three of MFA’s workshops while establishing their own commercial entity in the marketplace as a training organisation. Since the conception of Moving Forward Australia in mid 2006 when MFA first came to fruition, it now has boasts an impressive number of 50 local and national co-facilitators and is set to achieve over 200 by the year 2012.

These extraordinary co-facilitators bring with them an abundance of not only energy but also enthusiasm and previous knowledge. Their input to the whole entity ensures that MFA will continue to grow from strength to strength. link

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