David Sherry:
To be totally dedicated to the advancement of all people that enter my life through the passing on of not only my knowledge and wisdom but also my compassion enabling the individuals to find contentment within their lives.

Moving Forward Australia Training Institute:
To be the absolute best training organisation producing dynamic results globally while promoting total well being for all who align themselves with us.

Diluting the Icebergs:
An intensive program designed to be the absolute epitome in personal development today. To aim to guarantee participants gain the desired results releasing their emotional baggage while allowing for continuity in individualistic growth.

To build a national training division of Moving Forward Australia that assists the youth of today with their emotional and spiritual growth while at the same time allowing for a parent or guardian to gain a complete understanding of the youth by being on the same page.

Wednesday Minute:
To create a global and inexpensive membership, via the electronic medium, that assists all people with their emotional and spiritual growth.

Personality Plus:
Assist all people with their understanding of themselves as well as others in their lives to create a more empathetic and harmonious planet. This will be done through person to person delivery from trained facilitators as well as via electronic transmission and audio recordings.

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