In 1990 David Sherry was introduced to the field of personal development by attending a four day residential program. As a consequence David went on to become Managing Director and lead instructor in this organisation as the Company became national with representatives in every state of Australia.

Many attendees wanted to be more involved and learn at different levels and even grow to an accredited state through distant learning and experiential witness. David could see that there was a need in the marketplace for a co-creative organization that included all who wanted to be involved to have a shared reality. As this model was not possible within the existing organization David decided to retire from the industry and venture into another commercial entity.

During this period David continued with his studies and interest in the human condition. With a further two extensive years of new study, writing and formatting of new workshops, David was requested by some previous colleagues to begin to conduct workshops once again. He relented and with the assistance of the Leadership Team Moving Forward Australia was born and with its co-creative culture is inspiring many with its work.

Both David and Moving Forward¬†Australia’s history is an eclectic collection of many who embrace its work and assist in its development and mission. Our aim is to continually develop a training entity that does not discriminate due to scholastic, health or any other reason from people having a knowledge bank that is approachable at all levels to serve the people themselves.

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