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Since commencing training/coaching at the early age of 26 for The Australian Institute of Management, David has trained organisations from a myriad of markets. Examples range from food manufacturers to national organisations with many in between. Following are sample testimonials from David’s impact….

After ten years still going strong:

Two day “Effective People Skills” for the Directors and senior staff: Conducted in conjunction with Empowered Consciousness. (link)
In March of this year David conducted a two day “Effective People Skills Training Course” for the Directors and senior staff of our Brewery and hospitality company Kimberley Accommodation. Eighteen people attended the course, all coming from different parts of the organisation, with widely diverse responsibilities and varying levels of engagement with both staff, the board and members of the public. The course was delivered in a free ranging manner that kept the participants both involved and interested. David has a wide experience in the commercial world, he poesies a good depth of understanding on the essential role that a managers knowledge of interpersonal skills brings to a successful enterprise. Attendees were taught how to make an honest assessment of their own personalities and the best ways in which to recognize and then deal with people with different personalities. Recognising the drivers behind Gen Y people, effective communication and a variety of other associated topics were covered. Some people took away more from the course than others, however, I believe that overall it was a huge success with some staff going on to do further courses with David. Regards, Kim Peirson-Jones, Director. (Kimberley Accommodation Group)

Isi two years on:

Twenty Years Later:

Barry’s site address:

A Physicist’s view…

Yet another valued testimonial…
Moving Forward Australia’s positive impact on individuals Lives:


Coached through to International Accreditation…


Extra Income:


Sian sorting life out:


Getting Into Business:



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From building the interactive website with auto responding test results to logo, banners and even market positioning David put this start up Company in the marketplace, including immense training, within 6 months.



Feed back from the Workplace Enneagram a couple of weeks ago in Perth:


In December 2012 I had an idea for an online shopping experience. In February 2013 I began trading online. With the website setup as well as being stocked with goods to sell, my business plan, cash flow forecasts and sales budgets I was set to roll. I honestly can’t believe how David’s start up model works so well and how easy it is to implement. I must admit that at first I was very sceptical as I was in Queensland and he is based in Victoria. This, however, was as it turns out, a no brainer as he coaches with skype, email, facebook, twitter and dropbox so it just works. I’m soooo excited at the outcome and if you want a massive positive change to your life, call David. Thanx heaps for all you’ve done to date….Rachel Sloan

G&J Labour Hire Services:

Honestly David, from the construction of our Business Charter through to our Business Plan and onto your assistance with P&L and Sales forecast projections, as a SME my partner and I cannot thank you enough for your expert coaching and training in helping us implement a business model that really works. Thanks heaps and yes, whenever I need advise I will come to you, cheers dear friend, Greg Giannakopoulos (Managing Director).


Large Organisations – Telstra Australia:
“Content was absolutely brilliant, unique with enormous impact. Finally an Australian program that works with our people as it fulfills outlined objectives and definitely instilled co-creation within our Regional Management team. Hope there’s more”.
James McNash (Regional Executive Manager- Telstra Australia).



Local Government – Shire of Yarra Ranges:
“Thanks David, It was a most informative session that I got a lot out of myself. Thank you for a great day. Kind regards”.
Sue Griffith (re: Shire of Yarra Ranges VIC).
“David, Thank you, yes everyone enjoyed the session and yes let’s try and see how we can do more work together in the future, regards”.

Steve Griffith (re: Shire of Yarra Rangers VIC).


Small Medium Enterprise Businesses – Gourmet Chevups WA:
“I now understand how important it is for the business to look for qualities in their employees, and by presenting management with the power of the this program, you can enable them to make positive changes to their company structure with immediate results. The success of any company big or small comes down to three basic key elements, 1 understanding of product, 2 understanding of customers’ needs and 3 understanding of employees. Once again, many thanks”. 


Real Estate – PRD Realty:
“Just a short note to thank-you for the program at O’Reilly’s resort. The team was extremely stimulated with regards to their relationships with colleagues and clients. Again, thank you”.
Gary Voger (CEO- PRD Realty QLD & NSW

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