David E Sherry


David Sherry EnneagramAs a volunteer mentor with Whitelion David would first of all ask others to investigate this wonderful cause and aim to assist in any way possible.

David Sherry began training companies and individuals at the early age of 26. He was commissioned by the Australian Institute of Management in 1986 to transmit his unique and inviting style to sales organisations. This opportunity paved the way for him being successful in the training industry. From here he venturedout to train organisations such as Telstra, IBM Australia, IMG Management and many more of the same ilk.

Later, in his quest to overcome his own challenges and fulfill his desire to live a purposeful and meaningful life, David discovered a unique passion for metaphysical sciences, quantum physics, universal laws and personality profiling as they related to achieving success in his personal life and businesses. He studied these subjects comprehensively while also attending the University of New England studying Psychology and Sociology.

With this comprehensive and diverse background in behavioral sciences, coupled with his experience as a successful entrepreneur, and an avid thirst for spiritual knowledge, David has the unique and powerful ability to blend the practical and mystical into a usable and easy-to-access formula for achieving true wealth across all aspects of life.

Impacting thousands of lives since 1984, David has been a renowned peak performance coach and human behavioral specialist and an authority on the power of the mind to maximize human potential.

In 2006 David was instrumental in co-creating Moving Forward Australia, a fully accredited International Enneagram Association School that has a number of service arms. The latest of these, Supayouth, is a program designed to help teenagers and parents understand themselves and each other in ways that assist them to relate more effectively.

David’s intense, yet comical delivery has participants walking away from his workshops with a profound understanding of how their understanding of their own personalities can open the door to their growth and development as leaders. They are inspired to create organisations that call on the strengths and talents of all their people and assist them to avoid the potential pitfalls that all of us face.

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